Hi-I'm Phil and I am a Portrait Photographer based out of Chattanooga, TN.  

My approach to photography is to capture the emotion in an image.  If an image doesn't make me feel something or tell me something about who that person is, I move on to the next idea.  In a day an age where everything is scripted, everything is planned and a lot of photographs are staged, I am drawn to the natural and a focus on the moment. That's what speaks to me.  I find most of my best images are captured in between poses when my clients/models are at their most natural and native selves.  I feel all good art is centered around storytelling, whether its a good song, a good painting or a good photograph, they all have a creative and unique way of telling you a story through art.




Dodds Photography is a Senior and Editorial Portrait Photographer based out of Chattanooga, TN also serving the Nashville, Knoxville and Atlanta areas.


Phone/Text - 563-459-9186

Email - phil@phildoddsphotography.com