The Klundt Family

Blog, blog, blog. I am terrible about getting these things out on time. lol. It has been a busy time around the Dodds house the last few weeks. We hosted a big 4th of July party at our new house, Kari and I celebrated our 6th anniversary on the 10th and Kari went back to work this week after being off for 8 weeks for maternity leave. Needless to say, it's has been go, go, go the last two weeks for us!

Mixed in all of that busyness I had the honor of photographing the Klundt family. Zach and Brittni are seriously two of the awesomest people ever and their little girls are so much fun. Rosie is the youngest and her and Camden are pretty close to the same age. Sometimes Zach and I joke about arranging a marriage between the two of them and him accepting payment in goats and oxen. lol. Kari and I really love their family and are very blessed to call them friends.

We spent an evening at a location that I have had scoped out for over a year now. It's up on top of a hill at West Lake overlooking the entire park. It's a little bit of hike from the closest parking area, but with the results, it was totally worth it. I always love when a new spot produces great results for my clients. It makes all the hours of driving around and exploring worth it. I really try hard to make every session I do completely unique, which means finding a new location to shoot or shooting a location in a different way. This can be challenging as a lot of my clients want the same look or feel of another session they have seen on my website, blog, Facebook etc... which is great, but uniqueness is important and when a location comes through, clients really see the value in my approach. I really love these photos and this family!

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